Website Building and Maintenance


I build websites using various drag and drop website builders, Go-Daddy, Wix, WordPress and Shopify. I am no coder, your website doesn't need code, you could probably even build your website yourself.  I do website building because my time is worth less than yours and I have experience with them and I'm able to work quick, saving you money. I am efficient at copy writing and hire a freelance editor (my girlfriend) to edit and correct any writing mistakes. I also do the SEO (search engine optimization) so your business appears as much as possible.

The initial costs not including my service fee are:

Domain name - free-$100, free if you already own one, most likely $15 for two years and then it's a $15 yearly payment.

Server - A server is the computer in a warehouse that keeps your website running smoothly for your website visitors. This has a cost of $100-$800, depending on factors like what business you have and your demands, as well as if you want custom email addresses and an online store. For reference this website I'm using is a basic plan and the server fee is $150.

My Fee - I estimate how many hours it would take to complete and then offer that price. A simple website, in store pictures and google and social media linking to your new website would cost around $150-$250. Contact me for a price estimate!


 I make changes and updates on whatever you want, takes like 10 minutes to change words, add a important update banner, add a sale or change prices. I charge hourly for this and tally it up at the end of the month

my rate is $16/h for this.

View demo website click here!