Social Media Management

In my opinion

The best ad is one people want to share. "lots of food $15 special" who cares, people will scroll past your ad as quick as possible. I love making engaging and funny posts. My goal is always to get as much engagement as possible and hopefully go viral. It hurts me when I see a local store only use their social media following for updates, sales and prices, it pains me, be silly on your social media, be personable! I started a social media presence for a client who started with zero likes and followers, one month and $400 later, we now have close to 400 followers with super high engagement levels and huge return on investments.  

What I can do for you

For a monthly fee of $45 I can manage your social media platforms,  it pays for two hours of my time making posts, writing blogs, stock photos and taking photos with my high quality camera, for more than two hours the cost is hourly at $16/h. With stock photos or camera and photo editing software I can ensure your social media posts look professional and not blurry. I like to use a 80/20 rule meaning 80% of posts are not obvious ads and 20% of posts are ads. This ensures your audience is not annoyed by daily postings of sales and new items.  Social Media and a website go hand-in-hand, social media posts can only contain so much information, a website link allows you to supply the extra information your customers want to know, like contest rules or prices.

Want Marketing with Social Media Management?