Online Ordering

Every year more and more people are ordering food online, not only does this bring convenience for the customer it also brings convenience to your restaurant. With online ordering compared to phoning in an order, on average the orders are 20% larger and increase takeout sales by 22%, due to the 70% of people who order online in Nanaimo. The price increase on the web design building is around $50 for integrating an online ordering software. The software also comes with an iPad mini and stand that is setup on your counter, when an order comes through it prints off a ticket for the staff and chefs. 

The fee for this service is:

 $189 a month + $149 one time setup fee


$1,908 a year +  $0 set up fee (saves $975 from first option) 

Mini - Store

 If you have space near the till, avoid going overboard but having things like your specialty sauce or soup stock, nearly anything can be in this mini-store to earn extra revenue. I have connections with overseas manufacturers for the glass bottles, and tiny take out containers and can start the process for your business when ready.