Small Business Marketing

 Not all small businesses can afford to have their own marketing position. I have a group of clients in Nanaimo with small monthly payments. When I work for your business I work around the clock, I build up a fan base around your business through customer service and going above and beyond. I will make ads that look professional and people will want to share. When a customer leaves a comment, I like it and reply with an answer or a joke if need be in seconds and invite them to like the page. I believe customer service is one of the best forms of marketing, replying quick and being personable. I know that is a value small businesses share and customers love. 

Out of the Box Ideas 

 I love coming up with engaging ideas that are shareable, I don't need a big budget just an open mind. I offer free marketing advice if we are already working together. 

Social Media Marketing

My marketing on social media strategy is simple, I put money behind posts that are engaging and pause ads that are not as engaging as I would like, I like to do the odd campaign and contest but a major part of my marketing strategy is letting the social media users be my test group. I put money behind different posts and the most engaging one wins. 

My marketing service fee is hourly at $16/h, I calculate the hours I worked for you and send you the amount due, I plan a whole week of marketing and google ads in about an hour, pre-timed ready to post at peak times of set days.